Keratin Glue Hair Extensions

Keratin Glue Hair Extensions. Besides, you should use cold water to wash your hair. Gently take the hair extension strand off the client’s hair.

Super Keratin Hair Bonding Gel Glue Adhesive Antifungus Remover Hair
Super Keratin Hair Bonding Gel Glue Adhesive Antifungus Remover Hair from

Or feel free to drop us a line via hotline: Make sure your hair extension iron supports this temperature mode. Since keratin hair extensions are pretty much the highest quality extensions you can get, they definitely don't run cheap.

Next, Brush The Hair That Is Near The Roots Using A Comb.

Light brown, dark brown, black, and clear 6. For a lot of customers wanting long, shiny hair extensions, the cons of micro bead extensions far outweigh the pros, and it certainly is far from being the best hair extensions. (+84) 98 96 33 424 (mobile/whatsapp) at any time.

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Besides, You Should Use Cold Water To Wash Your Hair.

The extension procedure must be performed by a hair. We are always willing to support! Made with high quality keratin resin.

Feature Only Hypoallergenic Keratin Glue Pellet Granules Beads That Are Completely Harmless For Both Hair And Scalp.

There are many plusses, by the way, so buckle up and get ready for the sweet ride. Let’s start on a positive note and dive into the benefits of going with keratin hair extensions. These glue sticks are meant for use with our mini glue guns and are 10cm in length and 0.7cm (7mm) in diameter.

Gently Take The Hair Extension Strand Off The Client’s Hair.

Price includes 1 piece of the italian keratin glue stick. For further information about keratin glue extensions and hair care tips, take a look at our website. Does acetone remove keratin extensions?

Your Hair Extension Becomes Worse And Worse Because Of Many Times Of Styling And Dyeing.

Our keratin crystals for making bonds are ideal for hair extensions and here’s why: Our keratin glue sticks are made of extremely high quality glue that is strong and durable.the glue sticks are foil packed to keep out moisture, dust and anything that may contaminate the glue, keeping the sticks nice and fresh for use. Do so several times only.