Dhi Hair Transplant Cost

Dhi Hair Transplant Cost. Of course, there are also clinics in turkey that do this dhi procedure at the price of $ 5000. First, it depends on what country you will have it done in.

How Much Does Hair Transplant Cost? DHI International
How Much Does Hair Transplant Cost? DHI International from www.dhiindia.com

What is it, cost and more Since dhi provides better results and more advanced equipment is used, the price range of a dhi surgery is higher than an fue surgery. When discussing prices for hair transplant surgeries, a few factors must be considered.

Dhi Hair Planting In Turkey Starts At Prices Around $ 3000.

Hello, everyone, i want to give you information about this. In your second week after hair transplant, you may notice some redness in the donor and implanted area which is also normal and will disappear soon. It’s the cost of a hair transplant.

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Secondly, The Clinics And The Doctor Involved In It.

Advantages of disadvantages of dhi hair transplant. In the uk, a dhi treatment can cost anywhere between £5,000. Dhi small is carried out in a two hour treatment sessions and costs 3000 euros (which is approximately £2600), dhi regular is carried out in a four hour treatment sessions and costs 5000 euros (which is approximately £4400) and dhi mega is carried out in a seven hour.

Some Countries Like Turkey, Greece, Mexico, And Others Offer Lower Prices For These Procedures.

However, in general, the production that centers set per graft range from $3 to $9. People wonder why the price of dhi hair transplant prices is so cheap in turkey. Medical tourism in turkey +90 546 446 9926.

Which Method They Will Apply To The Patient, The Number Of Teams To Work And The Tools Affect The Cost.

Cost of a dhi hair transplant. Cost of a dhi hair transplant in india. The unique benefits of dhi hair transplant.

Dhi’s Easy Financing Schemes For Hair Transplant Treatment.

However, in dhi hair transplantation, it is used as a tool in the form of a special pen that can be done both at the same time. As you know there are 2 techniques one called dhi the other called fue. Since hair transplant dhi cost will be more expensive, the $8,000 price may rise to $10,000.