good foreign stocks

Here are some good foreign stocks as your investment

Stocks are one of the investment instruments that are loved by the public. The transactions are quite easy and with capital that can be reached by various groups of people, this makes this investment instrument of choice. You can also become an investor by buying shares. You can choose a variety of stock options, both stocks originating from domestic companies. Not only that, you can also choose good foreign stocks with promising prospects.

Overseas stock market also has good development. For example, the United States stock market is the largest stock market in the world and the most liquid compared to other countries. The large number of investors who buy shares is one of the main factors for the successful development of the stock market in the United States. Therefore, if you want to buy shares abroad, you can choose shares issued by various large companies in the United States. Established companies will also be more promising investment in the long term.

Best Stock in United States

In addition, transactions using the United States currency, namely the US Dollar, will also be very profitable. The US dollar is one of the most important determinants of global economic development. Here are some good foreign stocks for your consideration in choosing stocks for investment.


Who doesn’t know Amazon? This company is owned by one of the richest people in the world, Jeff Bezos. The company’s capitalization is also no joke, with a total of $943 billion. The choice of Amazon stock will be the right choice given the success of Amazon being one of the investments that has the most successful track record in recent years.

Amazon is a multinational company that covers several fields such as e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming, even artificial intelligence or AI. For investors from Amazon or those of you who want to become Amazon investors, you should be careful about the growth of e-commerce and cloud computing whose development can slow down over time. However, you don’t need to worry about making Amazon stock an option. The existence of considerable potential along with a record of rising increases makes Amazon’s stock remains the best foreign stock.


It is undeniable, this one company is very close to our lives, especially for office workers, students, or other professions. Maybe you are also one of the many people who use the products of this company. The popularity of Microsoft makes this company’s stock an investment choice for foreign stocks. The most famous product of this company is a software called Office with several applications in it. These products develop rapidly and continue to improve.

Not only Office, Microsoft also has a cloud computing infrastructure market. Some of these products have an impact on the company’s soaring revenue. Microsoft also has the ability to adapt in the realm of technology that allows this company to continue to survive. This will offer good prospects for investors who buy Microsoft shares.


One of the biggest social media can also be your choice to buy shares. This company also has a pretty good development. The prospect of this company is also growing, which makes the shares of this company one of the best stocks.

Those are 3 good foreign stocks for your consideration in buying shares. Before buying it, you must first study the prospectus and reports of the stock.

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Disney’s stock price has just passed the buying point in the range of USD183.60. Its relative strength line soared to new highs, due to which the stock has an RS Rating of 78 from the standard 99 amid an improving market performance.

Of course, this spike stems from the surprising profit for the Disney company that comes from the soaring number of Disney+ streaming subscribers. Subscribers to the service rose to 94.9 million on Jan. 2, up 9% from 86.8 million on Dec. 2.

In addition, this streaming service has indeed become a bright spot for Disney shares among other American stocks.

The company has surpassed 60 million Disney+ subscribers worldwide, and 100 million subscribers overall for its streaming offerings. The services it offers include Hulu, ESPN+, and Disney+.

According to Disney CEO Bob Chapek, the Star-branded streaming service will be the sixth brand within Disney+ in several markets featuring edgier viewing. On December 11, Chapek mentioned that Disney hopes to have 230 million to 260 million Disney+ subscribers by 2024.


From a long-term perspective, Ford stock has made significant headway since May 2020 compared to other American stocks. Ford’s stock has more than tripled in value from 52-week lows.

Even the improved stock market performance has helped Ford’s position in the composite rating increase to 89 and is predicted to continue to strengthen.

Ford stock has benefited significantly from the company’s very aggressive stance in the development of electric vehicles and other technologies. Recently, Ford announced that it will spend $29 billion in capital expenditures by 2025, with the details of $22 billion for electric vehicle development and the remaining $7 billion for self-driving vehicle development.

Additionally, Ford announced it will launch the Mustang Mach-E electric crossover in Europe amid plans for an all-in electric vehicle there. The Mustang will compete with Tesla’s Model Y.

Ford also announced in February that it was entering into a six-year partnership with Google parent Alphabet to develop more connected vehicles. The partnership will deploy Google apps and services into future Ford and Lincoln vehicles.


Parent company Google went through a tight three weeks at $2,145.24 to buy. This point is just above the all-time high that Google had reached in mid-February.

Alphabet rose 3.7% to 2,097.07 last week, rebounding from its 21-day exponential moving average. Most of those gains came on Friday, which also coincided with another rally in US stocks.

So far, Google shares have benefited from a rebound in digital advertising as vaccinations for COVID-19 spread. Cloud computing looks promising, although this business is not very profitable for Alphabet at the moment.

Meanwhile, the operating margin of Google’s cloud computing business is still much lower than analysts’ estimates.


Vale’s share price is right below the buying point of USD17.78. However, the Brazilian mining giant managed to increase shares by 9.6% last week.

The rebound in Vale’s share price compared to other American stocks in the last 10 weeks shows a positive sign. The increase in Vale’s shares was supported by rising commodity prices when the company’s partner countries reopened their borders.

China is increasing infrastructure spending to prop up its economy and this is helping to spur demand for steel. The iron ore that Vale produces is its main raw material. Including steel demand for equipment and automobile production in the US.

That’s a good American stock. Hopefully this information is useful for you and adds to your insight.