Ways to Overcome Overthinking

These are 10 Ways to Overcome Overthinking

Do you often overthink? Too many thoughts and worrying continuously for a long time can cause various mental and physical illnesses. Overthinking can cause panic attacks, even to the point of interfering with daily activities.

There are moments when we worry about life, be it family issues, health, romance, work, and the like.┬áBut if the worry is too excessive or makes you overthinking, it’s certainly not good for your health.

Confused how to overcome overthinking? Come on, see 10 ways to overcome the following overthinking!

What is overthinking?

As the name implies, overthinking is a condition where you worry too much and think about something that hasn’t happened yet, and is usually a negative thought about the future.

You may think overthinking will help you deal with the worst, but in fact the more you think about something, the less time and energy you have to take action to solve the problem yourself.

It is true that overthinking must have been done at least once or often by people, but the side effects that can arise from this habit are quite bad. It should be noted that overthinking is different from problem-solving.

Overthinking only thinks about the problem, while problem-solving focuses on the effective solution of solving the problem. The result of problem-solving is a way of solving the problem, rather than just a bad feeling that keeps you anxious all day.

According to a 2013 study published in the Journal of Abnormal Psychology, constantly thinking about a problem without a solution, then dwelling on your shortcomings and mistakes will only increase the risk of mental disorders.

Well, if your mental health is declining, it’s likely that your overthinking habit will get worse, making it a repeating cycle that is difficult to overcome.

How to overcome overthinking

Overcoming overthinking can’t be done in a short time, because it takes a lot of awareness and discipline. Reporting from various sources, here are a number of ways to overcome overthinking that you can try to do.

1. Increase self-awareness

Having a high level of self-awareness can help you to overcome overthinking. When facing a problem, pay attention to how your emotional reaction feels, then try to focus on solving the problem and avoid saying negative sentences to yourself.

2. Find distractions

Instead of sitting and contemplating the problem for a long time, try to find a distraction so that the brain can be distracted for a moment from the problem. Short distractions can give your brain a little rest, so you may be able to become more focused and clear-headed to solve the problem at hand.

3. Breathing exercises

You may already know how to deal with overthinking on this one, but this method turns out to be quite effective, you know, Jovians. Besides helping to calm the mind, breathing exercises can also increase self-awareness because it makes you focus on the present.

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4. Meditation

Just like breathing exercises, a meditation routine is meant to clear your mind and keep you focused on the present. That way, it will be easier for you to find solutions with a clear mind.

5. See the problem in a bigger perspective

Will the problems you face have an effect on your life in the next 5 or 10 years? Give energy to the problem according to its portion. Most of the overthinking that people experience is caused by minor problems that cannot be controlled. Focus on the things you can control, instead of thinking about things that are beyond your control, such as unfounded talk from other people.

6. Be aware of negative thoughts

Automatically negative thoughts are usually spontaneous, and involve fear or anger as a reaction to a situation. By identifying negative thoughts, you can fight overthinking and actively change the way you respond to things. Identification can be done by journaling, with the aim of digging deeper and evaluating why the situation is causing negative thoughts.

7. Keep a gratitude journal

Keeping track of the things you are grateful for and running smoothly can also be a way to overcome overthinking. If overthinking hits, try to write down 5 things that have gone smoothly or achievements over the past week. You don’t need big things, just writing down small things like today the roads are smooth and not jammed can help you overcome overthinking.

8. Try to think of a different perspective

The way you see and judge the world is usually based on experiences, values, and assumptions. Imagining the problem from a different point of view can help to relieve overthinking.

9. Do something

Sometimes, overthinking occurs because there is no action you take on the problem. If you start to worry because of a problem. Instead of thinking about the problem, you better start doing something you can do. This will make you feel better, because the mind can be distracted and channel energy into effective steps.

10. Practice self-compassion

Thinking about what went wrong won’t change anything. Try to accept your shortcomings by practicing self-compassion or self-compassion, and also embracing the fears you have in mind. Saying positive affirmations such as “I feel enough, I accept myself as I am” will help reduce the intensity of overthinking as well as calm the mind.

That’s how to overcome overthinking that you can try to do. Did you know that stress can also be caused by a lack of B vitamins and vitamin D? Therefore, in order not to overthink and stress, good nutrition is also needed. You can meet the intake of vitamin B