Nailing Feather Edge Boards

Nailing Feather Edge Boards. See how to put up your own feather edge fence (also know as close board), great advice and an excellent visual guide. It's corrosion resistance that's important and those little iddy biddy nails last no time at all.

Feather Edge Board 2.4m x 125mm in Green at Wooden Supplies UK
Feather Edge Board 2.4m x 125mm in Green at Wooden Supplies UK from

35 boards for a 2.7m panel and 39 for a 3.0m panel. I've read two completely contradictory views on how to attach the feather edge boards to the rails. Do not nail through 2 boards at once or the boards will split, as they can't move when they expand/contract with the seasons.

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You Should Also Think About Adding A Few Extra Just In Case.

If a cladding board is nailed with the heart side against the battens, as it dries the edges will curl away from the battens. 22mm x 125mm x 2.4m; The size of the nail depends on the application, but here are some general guidelines of when you might need different size/type nails when installing fencing and garden landscaping products.

First Picture Is The Way To Do It, So That Each Board Is Held With A Nail At The Thick Edge, And Trapped By The Thick Edge Of The Next Board At The Thin Edge.

Our most popular sizes of feather edge boards are: Hello, i am after some advise for the best way forward for nailing feather edge boards (mostly), i have been reading a lot of info regarding the dewalt gasless nail guns, but these seem to have driver issues? It's not the length it's the thickness that counts!!

One Says That Use One Nail Per Board Per Rail, Close To The Overlap, But Don't Join Two Boards Together To Allow Movement In The Wood.

Fixing feather board to the rails. Nailing and screwing positions for feather boards on support rail. It is important to follow fixing advice, particularly when using green (wet) timber.

Nail The Featheredge Boards In Place, First Nail In Place The 1St Two Boards At Either End, Both Facing Inwards (Narrow Edge Facing Inwards).

Treated fence boards are protected against rot and decay, however we always recommend regular treatments. Repeat steps 6 & 7 along the whole fence line. The first feather edge board can then be fixed on the outside of your fence.

Use A Spirit Level To Make Sure This Is Absolutely Upright.

Next, attach the first feather edge board to the exterior of your fence. 35 boards for a 2.7m panel and 39 for a 3.0m panel. They will be lapped approximately 18mm when fixed.