How to make a Simple Financial Report

Simple Financial Report

A simple financial report will describe the condition of a business and can also be used to evaluate a business. For those of you who are new to running a business, you need to make a report even if your business is small or large. Why? Because without a financial report your business will be difficult to develop. Financial Report …

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5 Steps to Prepare Before Starting a Business

Starting a Business

Doing business should be done as carefully as possible. Even before diving into it, there are various preparations that must be made. In this article, we will discuss the various preparations for starting a business. Yes, you can start a business only after preparing the various steps below. Come on, follow our article to the end! 5 Preparations for Starting …

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New Product Launch Tricks To increase your sales

New Product Launch

As a businessman, of course you have bright ideas to present new products all the time. However, you shouldn’t be in a hurry to start launching a new product, you know! So, skipper needs to do careful preparation and planning so that the new product launched can be well received by consumers. For that, you can start to develop a …

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Tips for Managing Small Business Finance

Small Business Finance

Success in a business or venture will depend on how you manage it. If it is managed properly, the business can run very smoothly, the opposite applies if it is poorly managed. Before you go directly to it, it would be better if you strengthen your understanding in business theory, especially by managing the finances of the business. Tips Mengelola …

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8 Ways to Manage Business Finances to Succeed & Not Lose

Manage Business Finances

Are you opening a new business and confused about how to manage your finances? Or maybe you feel your business has been running long enough, but your finances are stagnant? Maybe it’s not your income that doesn’t meet the target, but how to manage your business finances, for you that needs to be improved. What is the right way to …

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Differences in the Functions of Non-Bank Financial Institutions and Bank Financial Institutions

Bank Financial Institutions

Non-Bank Financial Services – In a country, activities in the economy will be assisted and also supported by the existence of financial institutions. This financial institution will have a role in controlling currency circulation so that it will not have a negative impact on society. In Indonesia, there are two types of non-bank financial services industry and bank financial institutions. …

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Definition and Types of Trading Company Cash Flow Statements

Trading Company Cash Flow Statements

As with other types of companies, trading companies also need financial reports, one of which is the cash flow of trading companies. So that you know the meaning and types of cash flow statements of trading companies, here’s a look at the reviews below. Definition of Trading Company A trading company is a business that sells tangible or physical products …

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Here are some good foreign stocks as your investment

good foreign stocks

Stocks are one of the investment instruments that are loved by the public. The transactions are quite easy and with capital that can be reached by various groups of people, this makes this investment instrument of choice. You can also become an investor by buying shares. You can choose a variety of stock options, both stocks originating from domestic companies. …

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How to Read Company Financial Statements, Investors Must Know

Company Financial Statements

A successful investor who is dubbed the Warren Buffett of Indonesia, Lo Kheng Hong once said, buy shares of companies with large and growing profits. That’s his strategy to make a fortune from investing in stocks. Thus, if you want to buy shares of a company, first take a look at the financial statements. The company’s financial statements are the …

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